Proulx's Lawn Care & Snow Removal, LLC


Enjoy the prestige of a beautifully maintained property at an exceptional value


Spring Clean-Up — Mowing • String Trimming • Residual Leaf Removal • Dethatching (Power Raking) • Lawn Repair • Disposal of Yard Clippings


Summer Lawn Care — Mowing • String Trimming • Removal of Clippings with Backpack Blower • Fertilization Package (add-on)


Fall Clean-Up — Mowing • Leaf Removal • Aeration • Disposal of Clippings • Over-Seeding (add-on)


Driveway snow removal • Walkway snow removal • Ice Melt (add-on)

Additional Services

Hedge Trimming • Tree Trimming • Brush Removal • Mulch Installation • Rock Installation • Garden Bed Installation • Over-seeding

About us

Proulx's Lawn Care & Snow Removal, LLC is a service provider that specializes in lawn maintenance throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons, and driveway/walkway snow and ice removal during the winter months for residential homeowners and local businesses in the east metro. With years of experience and proven reliable performance, we can guarantee complete satisfaction no matter the season. Our services are offered at market-best prices so that our customers are able to enjoy the prestige of a beautifully maintained property at an exceptional value. We pride ourselves in maintaining close customer relationships and are continuously seeking opportunities to provide you with superior services. Lawn care and snow removal is what we do best. It is where we started and where we continue to grow, exceeding expectations along the way.

In 2006, 11 year old Steven Proulx began mowing lawns with his family's push mower. He put in long hours with minimal payback, but was determined to provide quality work and ensure his few neighborhood customers were satisfied. In 2009, Steven's eldest brother (Mike) purchased an old riding lawn mower from a family friend and gifted it to Steven for his 14th birthday (his golden birthday). Since the early days, Steven has grown the business significantly and now provides a plethora of lawn maintenance and snow removal services year round. "While the goal of any business is to make money, Proulx's Lawn Care & Snow Removal operates with the ultimate goal of maximizing customer satisfaction, not profits. Choosing the family name to represent the business is a constant reminder to live up to my parents' expectations in that no matter what I do, I do it with a high level of integrity. I appreciate your business, and hope to develop long-lasting relationships that serve mutually beneficial for years to come." -Steve Proulx

  • strategic vision
  • responsiveness

    Our service standard is to respond to all customer inquiries and new service requests within 48 hours of the submission. We know that the industry demands a quick response to unforeseen weather events, and we are here to satisfy your needs in a timely fashion.

  • Reliability

    A high priority is placed on following through with commitments. Careful planning and scheduling allow us to guarantee that we will be there to get the job done on time, every time.

  • Quality

    Professional grade equipment with routinely scheduled maintenance will be used to ensure that your property is treated with optimal care. When harsh weather leaves your property in poor condition, we partner with you to determine the optimal time to perform work so as to not further damage your property. Check out some customer testimonials to see what others are saying about Proulx's Lawn Care & Snow Removal, LLC.

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